The 2014/15 Statistical Business Register Survey (SBR) was an exercise performed to provides frame for all establishments based censuses and surveys. The survey covered all regional headquarters and urban part of some districts with a large number of businesses in Tanzania Mainland.

The total number of establishments covered  during the Survey was 154,618, where by Dar es Salaam region had the largest number (29,060) followed by Mbeya (11,103), Morogoro (9,919), Ruvuma (7,918), Arusha (7,833) and Mara (7,006). Katavi region had the smallest (1,918) number of establishments followed by Geita (2,300), Kigoma (2,753) and Simiyu (2,835). 

Looking at the type of industrial activities, manufacturing had the largest number of establishments (54,017) which accounted for 34.9 percent followed by wholesale, retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles (52,820) accounted for 34.2 percent, education (13,572) accounted for 8.8 percent followed by accommodation and food services (11,136) accounted for 7.2 percent,and activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies were the least industrial activities with less than 1 percent of the total establishments surveyed

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