Preparation for 2016 Tanzania HIV Impact Survey

The 2016 Tanzania HIV Impact Survey (2016 THIS) is a national sample survey designed to provide information on population, adult HIV Incidence, viral load suppression, distribution of HIV infection, CD4 counts, HIV-related risk behaviours and uptake of HIV related services, paediatrics HIV prevalence, and the use of HIV-related services such as prevention, care and treatment. This survey will involve interviewing respondents who are aged 15 years and above. These respondents will be asked questions about their background, marriage, reproduction, background and health of their children of age 0-14 years, male circumsicion, their knowledge and attitudes on HIV, HIV status, and other information that will be helpful to policy makers and administrators in health and HIV programs. It will also interview adolescents of age 10-14 and they will be asked on their background, HIV knowledge, programs, sexual behavior and testing.

The questionnaires which will be used to collect data for 2016 THIS are categorized in three;

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