The Regional Strategy for Development of Statistics (RSDS), the subject of this document, is designed to improve development outcomes and governance by strengthening national statistical systems in the region. In particular, it is intended to: raise awareness of the critical role of statistical information in planning, policy research, monitoring, and evaluation; promote its greater use and adoption for evidence-based decision making; and improve capacity for statistical production and the sustainability of statistical information systems in the region in line with international best practice and norms, using relevant state-of-the-art technological innovations.

It is foreseen that the realization of the vision of the SADC Regional Statistical System can be accomplished through achievement of the following six strategic themes of the Regional Strategy for Development of Statistics (RSDS):

  • Strategic Theme 1: Widen the scope and range of available regional statistical data and indicators;
  • Strategic Theme 2: Increase comparability and quality of prioritised regional statistics;
  • Strategic Theme 3: Improve services to users and promote wider use of regional statistics;
  • Strategic Theme 4:Strengthen stakeholder partnerships and coordination of the SRSS;
  • Strategic Theme 5: Harness the latest innovations in Information, Communications, and Technology for statistical development in the region; and
  • Strategic Theme 6: Promote statistical capacity building in the region.

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