The main new feature of the 2015 edition of the ‘Handbook on Quality Guidelines for Statistical Production’ is the addition of new chapters of Quality Control Supervision Guidelines and Statistical Report Writing Guidelines.

The publication has Five parts: Part One is on General Overview covering Background, Basic Processes of Statistics Production, Data Quality Concepts and Definitions, Part Two is on Quality Framework covering Introduction, Total Survey Error, Fitness for Intended Use and Survey Process Quality, Part Three is on Quality Inputs and Guidelines in Data Production Steps covering Introduction, Survey Coverage and Frames, Sample Design, Questionnaire Design, Translation of Survey Instruments, Interview Methods, Recruitment and Training of Enumerators/Supervisors, Pre-testing, Data Collection, Processing, Statistical Adjustment and Dissemination, Part Four is on Quality Control Supervision Guidelines covering Introduction, Objectives of Quality Control and Quality Control Guidelines, while part Five is on Statistical Report Writing Guidelines covering Introduction, How should a statistical Report be Organized and Detailed Guidelines for use in constructing the Main Body of a Statistical Report.

Click here to download a Handbook of Quality Guidelines for Statistical Production in Tanzania (File size is 790kB)